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The Brief Life Story

I was born in Seoul, S. Korea and adopted by my mum and dad, who at the time lived in London.
I grew up in a lovely two-story brick house.
When I was 5 my parents divorced and my father remarried a woman with a 7 year old son. My mum and I moved into a flat near our old house.
Then when I was nearly 7 my mum and I moved to the States because that is where she is originally from.
When I was 12 he and his new wife adopted my sister from Romania.
My mum decided she would be much better off as a single parent and decided not to re-marry. We moved into a lovely white and blue house on the water.
I've lived quite happily with just me and my Mum in the same white and blue house for the last 11 years.
I graduated from high school on June 4, 2001 and started at the Uni of Maryland in the fall.
I now plan on moving back to London to finish out my education.

Facts from the Life of Violet

+ I've heard almost every bloody Asian joke, insult and racial slur there is.
+ It's taken quite a bit for me to come to appreciate how all the teasing has shaped who I am.
+ I wanted to be a dancer, but I got kicked out of dance school when I was 8 for getting in a fight with another of the students.
+ After getting kicked out of dance school my Mum enrolled me in a karate class.
+ When I was in 3rd grade I told my teacher that I wanted to be a music journalist when I grew up.
+ I was sent to the office nearly everyday when I was in Pre-K for 'being a chronic troublemaker'. I could already do everything they were teaching us so I had no other choice than to be bothersome to my schoolmates.
+ As a small child my mum began reading me sections from our bloody encyclopedias because we had already read all of my books numerous times.
+ I am half-British, half-American. Both cultures have influenced who I am.
More to Come...