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List of Demands

Being the consumerist person that I am, I had to include a list of things I want,just in case any one I know sees this and wants to buy them for me.

||incubus tickets||magnetic poetry||a new emerald green fender stratocaster||The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold||new pretty journals||X-men comic books||watermelon lipgloss||Import CD's||plane tickets to London||a lilac Vespa||a portable mp3 player||a scanner||kicky plaid pants||a red pogo stick||a pet monkey||The Art Of Travel by Alain de Botton||black and white movie posters||a professional quality camera||saris||a slivery-platinum ball gown||weezer Tickets||unlimited metro passes into DC||cd burner||a video camera||an iMac computer||antique silver jewelry||a new sewing machine||plaid fabric||The Little Prince||a day at the spa||brilliant pop star clothes||vintage prom gowns||petrol for my car||an unlimited # of blank cds||that hot perwinkle/khaki Convert jacket||a snowboard||Homegrown cd||private screening of Lord of the Rings||the British release Harry Potter books I & IV||lifetime supply of crunchie bars||When Incubus Attacks Vol. 2||Sticks and Stones from New Found Glory||the new Goldfinger cd||Fungus Amongus||Elva||a tattoo||glow in the dark beads for my navel ring||Perhaps I Suppose...||